Stone Meanings


Increases creative expression. Brings power, prosperity, balance and expression. Stone of the communicators and artists. Combines information received with intuition.


Spirituality, transformation, protection, cleansing. Promotes happiness and spiritual awareness; excellent for meditation, helps with sleep and absorbs negativity.


Unconditional love and acceptance of others. Recommended in the relationship with difficult people. Stimulates the development of clairvoyance and perception of other dimensions. 


Luck with money matters. Increases creativity and originality. Helps against stress and bring a feeling of well being. Energy stimulates muscle tissue and blood.


Brings self-confidence and promotes total anchoring of energies on Earth, eliminating mind limitations. Helps dissolve negativity. Its energy is said to reinvigorate the blood.


Said to help concentration and development of psychic potential. Helps achieve a high mysticism level and to discover obscure aspects of the personality.

Lapis Lazuli

Calms the mind, developing intuition, meditation and wisdom. Helps increase mental ability, concentration, memory and sight. It’s the stone of contemplation and meditation.


Absorbs energy. When placed on a painful area it helps extract the pain energy and bring to surface the psycho-emotional causes.


Increases intuition. Connection with the energy from the moon and the feminine aspect of the emotional nature. Helps calm and balance emotion keeping it under control. Energy helps against anxiety and stress.


Help understand other people’s deepest thoughts and self-understanding. Clairvoyance and contact with spiritual world. Acceptance of our sexuality. Repels negative thoughts.


Control over emotions and passions. Protection. Stimulates decision making. Aids psychic contact with those who have died and aids past-life and between-lives regression work.

Red Jasper

Vitality, sexual power, protection. Carries a strong spiritual grounding vibration, and resonates within the lower three chakras. It creates a strong connection to the earth.


Love towards life and towards others. Influences creative processes and intuition. Emotional balance to love relationships. Creates feelings of peace and human warmth. 

Rose Quartz

The stone of unconditional love. Represents the capacity of giving and receiving love. Irradiates energy that substitutes sorrow, fears and resentment. Increases self-esteem and is recommended to attract love. It’s a good stone for children.


Courage and creative expression. Helps people to be more objective and less critical about the ways to deal with existence. Teaches to examine goals after they are achieved.


Activates the inner sun and allows a free flow of energy. Can be used to eliminate fears, stress, increase vitality, independence and originality.

Tiger's Eye

Help people become more practical. Bring optimism that conducts to success. Protects against negativity, reflecting it back to origin. Aids in the ability to discern evil.


Relationship, self-knowledge. Improves meditation, circulation and spirit condition. Sacred for the Tibetan Buddhists for whom it symbolizes the sea (depth of the soul) and the sky (unlimited ascension).